Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome Again To mydzi Blog

Big Statues Behind SwayembhuNath Temple
Hi Friends,
It's Been while I haven't Updated This Blog. I guess Many of you know Why ?
I went back to Nepal . I was in Nepal for a month . And just Yesterday came back to BKK . Before went to Nepal , there are many rumors About Strike and many News about Situation in Nepal. But when I reach there I found News are totally wrong. Everything is perfect. All People are celebrating "Indra Jatra" festival(Which is celebrate for a week ) I was in Nepal 28 Sep, so I am able to celebrate the last day of this festival. About my Journey and festival I will tell you later . I spent lots of my time Only in Kathmandu.(so sad!! no time to visit other place)
So I would like To Share Some Pictures From Kathmandu Valley.

Above Temple Called Rajrajeshwori or"PANCHA DEVAL" means Five Temple. There are five temple of Lord Shiva . It is situated on Near Pashupati Nath Temple. Click this link PANCHA DEVAL for View panographies (360 degree image).

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Salik said...

Please, have a look.
We are talking about organizing a grand e-meet of Nepali bloggers.
Please, tell us about your views.
You’re a part of the community. And, let’s know each other.

Blowing air to Nepali blogosphere


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