Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Nice Ganesh Paintings

eight arms GaneshaWe have read many post related with the Hindu Elephant headed god Ganesh. One of my friend Send Some Nice Ganesh Painting's pictures in my email. These paintings are very nice, Ganesh looks So cute. So I thought to sharing with you. Hope you will help me to find Name of the artist so i can give back credit to the original artist.

I guess these Ganesh paintings are painted by very well known Thai Artist, I appreciate if some one help me to find out the Name of the artist for these paintings.

Lets see how do you feel with seeing these Ganesha paintings

Ganesha Face
GANESHA battle with Parashuram
GANESHA Battle With ParshuRam
Ganesha said to have lost his one tusk in a fight with Parashuram
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