Monday, October 29, 2007

My 100 Post

welcome!! This Is My 100th Post for This blog . I want to make this post quit special but I don't know How to make this post special, anyway i am very happy on this post .I would like to Thanks All the readers and friends, who have always supports me by giving advise for how to improved my blogging. And All the readers without you I am not able to continue my blogging to this post. Thanks Again.

As you know my mostely post are about Tibetan and Nepalise handicraft (Statue,Thanka Paintings, Bodhisatwas and etc. ) and it's culture. so whenever somebody told me that my blog are very helpful for knowing handicraft about Himalaya region and it's culture . It's make me always try to post again and again. but still I am not that perfect . I would like to improve my writing skills but i don't know what is my weak point so plz guide me if i am doing any mistake you can always tell me what to do . so friends thanks again .

Here are some very good quality statues that i would like to share today. also i have many new Thanka collection of Lord Ganesh ,Mandala, wheel of life ,and many more gods and goddess that i will post later .


Forumer said...

Howdy my fren Bharat? Welcome again, n welcome back from your trip hehe. I just can online today, for 2 days before my internet is condemn. So i back online now.

How it's going on with your money earn online now? :) Any good news?

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