Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Collection of Statues

Collection of Buddhist Statues. This is combine post for different statues picture Collection which is already posted in many different blog post. Hope you will enjoy them to see once again. Also this post will help you, find our statues Collection. I will try to Update this Gallery by adding New statue picture or may be will make a New Gallery post for the new arrival Statues. I will post a link for the New Gallery.

Please read this blog to know about meaning of different deity, gods, goddess and symbols. If you like to know more detail of these statue please Contact us at nepalartsgallery@gmail.com .

I have several blog, basically you can read meanings and Stories in this blog. Most of the Pictures i upload in my New Blog http://dharmagallery.blogspot.com please Visit browse our Collection. Dharma Gallery Blog i can post Bigger size image. so we can see more detail of image.
Some Staues Just Arrived
Khara Cheri Khara Cheri White Tara Vajrasatwa Jambhala Ganesha