Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vasundhara goddess of abundance

Vasundhara is goddess of abundance is the consort of Kuvera (Jambala ), the god of wealth.
She is Represented on sitting on a lotus pedestal in a posture similar to Green Tara . She has six arms she holds in the lower left hand her characteristic symbol, the treasure vase. The hand above holds another distinguishing attribute, the ears of corn (Tib. ‘bru’I sne ma). The third left hand holds a book, the Prajnaparamita sutra.

The lower right hand is in the varada mudra of charity; the one above holds three precious wish-fulfilling jewels, while the upper hand makes a mudra of salutation. The right leg is pendent, and the foot is unsupported resting upon a vase.

She has three faces Brown in right , redish in left and yellow in the centere . she is like Goddess Laxmi In Hindu Mythology.
Sincere worshipping of the Goddess Vasundhara will reward one with welth, good fortune and wisdom.

This Statue is just Arrived from Nepal. 6" inche tall and copper, making process is Lost Wax (!!Visit this link if You Like to Know What Is Lost Wax Process Statue Making).

Lost Wax Statue MakingBuddhist Avlokiteshwor

Buddhist Avlokiteshwor Buddhist Avlokiteshwor
Buddhist Avlokiteshwor

What Is Lost Wax Process Statue Making


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