Monday, March 10, 2008

Celestial Gallery In bookself Size

If you Remember Celestial Gallery over two feet (23.6 inches) tall Book. Everyone surprise and say WOW! , when they first look at Celestial Gallery, because is Too Huge size book almost like poster size, this is the first book I ever saw in my life. This book contains 64 Pages, with Features 39 beautifully rendered full-color illustrations . Then Another book Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery produced follow-up to the best-selling CELESTIAL GALLERY, featuring Buddhist female deities such as White Tara ("The Divine Mother"), Green Tara ("The Protectress"), Palden Lhamo ("The Dark Goddess"), and more.

I bought this book on online " Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery " is also a huge in Size. Mandala publication reproduce "Celestial Gallery" Again In a more conventional size 14.2 inches tall.

Book Description

Originally published in a format over two feet tall (23.6 x 16.6 x 0.6 inches See pictures diference), Romio Shrestha's beautiful art book Celestial Gallery is now available in a more conventional size, a welcome addition to any library or bookshelf. Consisting of bold reinterpretations of age-old scroll painting, Celestial Gallery showcases intricately rendered Tibetan-style mandalas. In vivid detail and vibrant colors, each work is hand-bound and stands two feet tall, reproduced from the master painter Romio Shrestha and his team of artisan monks, who render postmodern interpretations of an age-old Tibetan artistic tradition. Made from malachite, lapis and marigolds and painted at times with just three hairs of a cat’s tail, these paintings are produced in hauntingly powerful detail. There is Painting of such deities as White Tara, the Medicine Buddha, as well as the Dakini mandala and other traditional Buddhist iconographySee below to see Complte list Of paintings in this book.

The Buddha’s message — “Be a light unto yourself” — is echoed in these visionary works, many of which have been showcased in major collections and museums including the British Museum and the National Museum in Moscow. Together they give readers an opportunity to experience afresh a timeless tradition with much to offer the world.

"The paintings in this celestial gallery draw from the ancient wisdom of Buddhist and Hindu traditions which, for centuries, have expressed some of humankind's deepest spiritual insights. At the same time these sumptuous images totally transcend their place of origin. As archetypal expressions of liberated vision, the paintings ultimately mirror our innermost potential: the possibility of total spiritual freedom, or enlightenment." — Deepak Chopra, from the Foreword

Includes text by Ian A. Baker, a foreword by Deepak Chopra and an afterword by Robert A.F. Thurman.
Thanka Paintings picture inside this book.
Shakyamuni Buddha (Figure Thanka and Mandala 2 pics), Dakini Mandala , White tara And green Tara ( figure and Mandala 4 pics), Palden Lhamo Figure, Avalokiteshwor (Mandala and Figure 3 pics), Chakra samvar Mandala, Wheel Of Life, all Detail and Discription about each symbol in Wheel of life , Medicine Mandala or Cosmos , Aparmita and medicine Buddha, Bajrabhairav figure and Mandala, Rahula figure, White Mahakal, Vajra satwa, Sitatapatra and More. If you have not Owned it. I recommend buy it Before It is out of stuck. Few weeks ago i saw celestial Gallery (Bookself size) In Asia Books, Thailand. Full size book soldout Long time ago in all Bookstore in Thailand( If you saw for sale think you are very lucky for that day :)). If you didnot found In ASIA BOOKS Store, you can buy it From AMAZON BOOKS, cause you will also get up to 35% discount. Don't you think it is Great offer? ;)
PS:If you have already This book, Why don't you share your feelings in my comments.

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