Sunday, November 11, 2007

Statue Making In Nepal

Hello Dear friends, today I am going to share Some Videos About Statue Making which i found on YouTube. These are very useful videos to get some ideas about how to make Lost wax Statues. From begining to the end. It's very hard work to made lost wax statues and it's need lots of passion to get 1 good statues . it's take long time to finish . Many people are working together for a single statues . I would like to say Thanks for MR. billyhelga (You Tube user name ) for His great job .

Prepare for statue making : first step is making a wax model , so first video is about making statue model of wax by Softening pieces of wax over a brazier.In this Video they are making a model of Statue with Wax.

In 2nd video you will see the wax model is covered with mixture of special clay and cow's dung.

In third video, wax model which is covered with mixture of special clay and cow's dung putting into the burnout furnace by statue maker. The double row of refractory bricks used to support the heated molds during casting.The melting furnace and a pile of coke used for melting the metals. Laying the bed of coke in the melting furnace.

ready copper statues are ready to re-touch carving and polishing statues.

After Carving staues then it's goes to the anthor job gilt the statues . for gilt cutting gold in small pices . they mix the small pieces of gold or gold powder with the mercury . then re-shine the statues

at the last part is decorate face of statues with Gold powder . painter paint the gold very carefully.

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