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Dharmadhatu is the Realm of Truth, in which all things exist as they really are. Dharmadhatu is combination of two Sanskrit words Dharma and Dhatu. Here Dharma dosen’t mean religion as it is generally understood. It refers to ‘phenomena’ and Dhatu refers to ‘the expanse’. Thus dharmadhatu together means “the expanse of phenomena” which is ‘emptiness’ or Sunyata in Sanskrit. Dharmadhatu is also known as JanaGarbha or womb of knowledge.

In dependence on eye and form Unstained appearances appear Since these neither
arise nor cease They are the dharmadhatu, though they Are imagined to be
otherwise .

It is also the nature of mind which lies beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing therefore it is synonym of PEACE according to Buddhist epistemology. Dharmadhatu is also referred as the Dharmakaya or "body of Dharma" of that being. The Dharmakaya is the Body of the Law, or the absolute Buddha nature.

Thus we see that understanding the notion of Dharmadhatu plays an essential role in successful quest for Buddhahood. In order to attain Buddhahood we need to comprehend correctly and thoroughly the full significance of "Dharmadhatu." or dispelled, the slumber of ignorance recognizes the dharmadhatu and cultivates unbound love to all sentient beings. Buddha has taught “hatred is never quelled by hatred, it is quelled by love”.

Dharma Dhatu Is Very important in All Buddhism. Worship Dharmadhatu Is Like Worship All the Buddha And Bodhisattva's .

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Dharmadhatu in this post is made of copper and about 7 inches in height, made by lost wax Process. If you like to know what is lost wax Process I will show you some Picture, making Buddha statue using Lost Wax process. Lost wax process is the traditional method of making statues in Nepal.

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