Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The World's Highest Railway Beijing to Lhasa

May be all of you heard about Train To Tibet. I have been search in Internet and Found Some Information about train to Tibet. I think it is a useful information for them who like to visit Tibet. Now there is another way to Visit Tibet by Train through Beijing (china). I thought this information is helpful for you. So plz have a look . If anyone of you already travel in this train, wy don't you share your feeling in comments . If you like to know more! Use Tibet and Nepal travel Words in search box on the top of the blog(Google search box in my blog is more accurate for Tibet and Nepal then normal Google search ).

The Beijing-Lhasa train will run at a speed of 160 km per hour on the plain, but will slow down at 120 km per hour when it reaches the Qinghai-Tibet section.The line includes the Tanggula Pass, at 5,072 m above sea level the world's highest rail track. More than 960 km, or over 80% of the railway, is at an altitude of more than 4,000 m. There are 675 bridges, totaling 159.88 km, and over half the length of the railway is laid on permafrost.Train from Beijing to Lhasa takes 47 hours 28 minutes, covering 4,064 km (2,500 miles), departs at 21:30 from Beijing West, and arrives in Lhasa at 20:58 on the third day .

The useful tips for plateau travel will be printed on the back of the ticket and passengers who want to go to Lhasa should fill in a "health registration card", which should be hand into the trainman when getting onto the train. Besides, no smoking is required on the train.According to the stipulation of the Ministry of Railways, the Qingzang Railway (Qinghai-Tibet Railway) is not allowed to hold passengers over strength.

All the trains to Lhasa require one ticket for one seat/berth. No standing-room-only ticket is on sale. In addition to Beijing, some other Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, will also launch direct railway passenger transportation to Lhasa as of July 1 2007,.

There are 45 stations along the 1972 km long Qinghai-Tibet railway from Xining to Lhasa and every station has unique scenery. To provide travelers better opportunity to enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery on that way, nine scenery viewing platforms have been set up at nine stations. These include: Yuzhu Peak Station, Chumaer River. Tuotuo river, Buqiangge, Tanggula Mountain, Lake Namtso, Nagqu, Damshung, Yambajan. The platform is around 500-meter long and 1.25 meters high. On the platform, visitors can enjoy the views around that area and take photos. The authority has scheduled the trains so that passengers will be able to make use of the viewing platforms during daytime.
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Forumer said...

Peace n howdy Bharat??

Whooaaa!!! I never knew this before, what a long train bridge huhu. That's really awesome , very nice post my fren ;)

I don;t know when i can go over there to see in front of my own eyes hehe

Best regards

dzibeads said...

thanks for your comments . yes it really an awesome railway bridge .

Forumer said...

I hope you can spend me to tour over there when you become rich someday!! :D Don;t forget me ok hehe

Dzi Beads said...

I will happily Take you To Tibet.
If I am Earning good Enough revenue from google adsence :D

kbguy said...

i am tring to save some money to go Guanchou. From there, i will take the train to Tibet. Do you now the ticket price ? How much is the expenses for a week ?

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