Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sankha (Conch Shell)

LEFT HANDED CONCH RIGHT HANDED CONCH Sankha (Conch shell) is known as an offering vessel, or we can see lord Vishnu and other gods are also holding shankha in their hands. Sankha is a symbol of Lord vishnu in Hindu tradition, Conch shell extensively used in wars by ancient Indians.

RIGHT HANDED CONCH Silver PendentThere is two types of Conch shell Left Hand Side (Normally left hand shell you can find easily) and Right hand side (see picture above right), which is rare and worshiped as a symbol of Laxmi, Goddess of wealth. We have some very nice hand made Laxmi Statues in our Gallery. Hope you may like the statues,
Newari Style Laxmi Statues *new arrived

White conch whoes humming sound proclaims the glory of the saints. it's especially given as a symbol to the gods as the sound vibrated through a shell penetrates far and wide.

In Buddhist Tradition Conch shell is one of The Eight Auspicious Signs or symbol. is symbolizes the blessedness of turning to the right and proclaims the glory of the saints by it's humming's believe when you blow Conch shell ,it's sound keeps evil away from home and place where is ritual ceremony are being perform.

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