Monday, May 14, 2007

If Your Dzi Bead broken

There is a Question which often people ask me. What to do if the Dzi Bead is Broken? There is several websites that explain what to do when dzi bead is broken.

Before we start to read what to do with the broken Dzi beads first Read some types of broken dzi beads.
Broken dzi bead: This can be any bead that has broken off a chunk of itself. Some small tiny little chips around the thread holes can make it a tonic bead. (Read tonic Dzi bead) In the case of Fire Burial beads they may have a small divot or chip any where on the bead. These are sometimes caused during the time the bead is in the fire. These pieces are released from the body of the bead due to heating and cooling that the bead goes through. These divots/chips will always be used for medicine or potions.
(See Fire Burial Dzi Bead) To tell whether the bead qualifies to be considered broken, check to see if any portion of the bead’s symbols, lines, eyes, etc. have been broken into. If the bead’s symbols have been broken it is considered broken. If the symbols are in tact it is considered still viable. Ok! Lets Back to the topic, When a large portion of the bead breaks off the bead is seen as being finished with its work. It is time for the bead to be retired and allowed to rest as its reward for all of the work it has done.

Some times the beads energy is spent. Some times the bead has collected so much negativity that it causes it to break or burst in order to relieve the negativity. When one of your beads break, bury it some where in or around your home. You can bury it in a house plant, or outside near a tree or you can create a sacred place for it to be buried. You may also find a nice place in nature to bury the bead or sail it into the river with a grateful feeling of what it has done for you. After all, the earth is where it is originated from.
You may replace it with another similar dzi beadon your current situation. Anyhow The bead will continue indefinitely to radiate energy even if it will no longer take an active role in the owner’s life.

There are several post in this blog about Dzi beads. I recommend to read them, i hope these post will help you to get some idea about Dzi Beads.
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Dzi Bead Meanings
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forumer said...

re these Dzi bead only exist in your country?? Actually what are they made of?


DZI BEADS said...

Hi Forumer,
Thanks for your Question. dzi Bedas Are widley Found in Himalayen region Countries Like nepal,Bhutan,Mangolia and mostely Are in Tibet. For Detail Visit Here

Dzi Beads Are Made of Agate And Carnelian stone.

Anonymous said...

What are the consequences of wearing a 21 eye new dzi with a small crack across one eye and a triangle shape across another?

Tibet arts said...

Thanks For your Comment,
Dear friend, There are many different design of Dzi beads. Each design has different meaning. VISIT DZIBEADS MEANING
consequences of wearing 21-Eyed Dzi Bead Enhances magic power, realizes what you desire to the maximum extent. Magnifying Power, Wish Fulfilling, Attaining Physical & Spiritual Power At Its Highest. Enhances one’s ability to give life and restore life.

This bead incorporates to the highest degree all other eyed beads. Assists the owner in obtaining a state of demi-God while still physically based. Owner must be pure of heart and mind if they wish to accept everything this bead wishes to offer. The bead offers the greatest wealth, health, strength, power, and magic. Magnifies and amplifies all of the characteristics of all of the eye beads into one bead.

where's 1 eyed and mountain or peak (triangle Shape) bead's meanings are also read in DZIBEADS MEANING .
please also read DZIBEADS MEANING Card.
Hope you will find the answers of what you want to know. if you have anthor question feel free to comments. I wish you Good luck.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Is there a difference wearing an authentic and a manmade bead? I purchased one on ebay and is very different from the beads that I see. It seems that the lines on the bead are etched on and it's agate. I'm having second thoughts on purchasing it.

Anonymous said...

I've read somewhere that you need to cleanse your dzi prior to wearing them. Any suggestions on how to cleanse properly?

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