Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tibetan Dzi Beads


Dzi Braclet


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a question about dzi beads. I purchased a dzi bead bracelet from Shangri-la in Yunnan (China) about 2 years ago. The beads are round, single eyed, with black, white, and brown stripes. I wear them to bed sometimes and that helps me to remember my dreams better. Last night (or this morning?) the bracelet broke and I awoke to the beads scattered all over the place. Does that mean anything at all? an omen? or a mere accident?

Tibet Arts said...

Hello Envoy,
Thanks for sharing your fellings in my blog.

Sorry to hear about your broken braclet but i think it's normal for broke after using for 2 years. Cords are made of elastic cords so when you use, it will not tight as before.

Evony, don't worry it's just a normal accident. you can re-string your braclet. but later remember to change cord before it's break.

Best regards

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