Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Singing Bowl shop in Bangkok

Our goal is to provide high quality products and excellent services to consumers. New Singing Bowls, high quality Bells, Tingsha bells, Prayer Mala 📿 and prayer flags are available in our shop at The Market Bangkok, M. Floor The Market Bangkok #singingbowl_shop_bangkok .
High quality Singing Bowls collection 
7 Chakra Therapy Set and Fullmoon Singing Bowls 
Therapy Singing Bowls with Mantra engraving. 
High Quality Singing Bowls Shop in Bangkok. 
Seven Chakra Singing Bowls Set 
Seven Chakra Singing Bowl Set medium size 
New complete set :- High quality Singing Bowl set in our shop at M floor , The Market Bangkok , Bangkok. @themarketbangkok #singingbowl #singingbowlshop #singingbowlshopinbangkok #araya_singingbowl #soundhealing #soundbath
7 Chakra Handmade Set 
High quality Singing Bowls Collection 
Cusion and Wooden mallet are handmade in Nepal and it’s comes Free with Bowls. 
Sometimes you can choose Bowl according to the Chakra. 
Himalayan Gongs also available 
Singing Bowl Shop in The Market Bangkok, M Floor 
Besides from High Quality Singing Bowl . We also help customers to find books on Singing Bowl. Please let us know if you are looking for books on sound healing therapy. 📍 ที่ The Market Bangkok ชั้น M 🏛 ห้างตรงข้าม Central World 🚈 BTS ชิดลม ( ทางออกที่ 6 ) 🚘 จอดรถฟรี ⏰ ตั้งแต่เวลา 10.00 – 20.30 #singingbowlbangkok #singingbowlshop #singingbowltherapy #singingbowl_themarketbangkok #singingbowlthailand #bestsingingbowl #araya_singingbowl #อารยาอาร์ต #singingbowlbook
Our New SHOP @The Market Bangkok is Next to Big C supermarket 
More info please call 0870426994 ( Bharat Shrestha) 🙏 #singingbowl #singingbowltherapy #soundhealing #soundtherapy #singingbowlshopbangkok


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