Saturday, February 20, 2010

TIPA performing Arts in Bangkok, Thailand

Good News friends,
A festival of Tibetan spirituality, arts and culture – the first of its kind in Thailand – will take place from March 5 to 10 at BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), Pathumwan.

This Festival is called
TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) is going to performing arts in Thailand.
Spectacular performing arts by ethnic groups from The Roof Of The World
from folk dances & classical music to chanting, spiritual dances and sacred rituals.

If you are intrested in Tibetan arts and it's culture you must visit this festival because many activities will performances such as the monks from Gyumey Monastery, demonstrate making sand mandala and butter sculpting, sacred Thanka painting by members of the TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts), Dharamsala, India. Also many Tibetan film are screenings such as Kundun, Unmistaken Child, Tibet Cry of the snow lion, Himalaya, The Tibetan book of dead, Dreaming Lhasa and many more movie and documentry about Tibet are screenings. for more information About time table visit this page.

The festival, organised by the Sathirakoses Foundation, the Din Sor See Foundation and BACC, will cover everything about Tibetan art, culture, music, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Also, Thai and Tibetan scholars will give a talk on reincarnation in accordance with Vajrayana belief and other issues.

What you will find in this festival

Art Exhibition – aesthetics made profound with Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy
Sand Mandala and Butter Sculptures made by the monks of Gyumey Monastery with demonstrations and exhibition of sacred Thangka Paintings.
Tibetan Medicine & Photo exhibition, books, and many Tibetan Souveniers.

For more information contact
Din Sor See Group tel: 02 623 2838-9
Spirit In Education Movement (SEM) tel: 02 438 9331-2
or visit


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