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Prajnaparamita Sutra

Prajnaparamita, Java In previous post you have read about What is Mantra?. In this post i would like to share about Prajnaparamita Sutra also known as perfection of Wisdom Mantra or Hridaya (heart) Sutra. Paramita refers to the perfection of which ferries one beyond the sea of suffering and mortality to Nirvana. There is Six Paramitas as following: (1) Dana, charity or giving, including the bestowing of truth on others; (2) Sila, keeping the discipline; (3) Ksanti, patience under suffering and insult; (4) Virya, zeal and progress; (5) Dhyana, meditation or contemplation; (6) Prajna, wisdom, the power to discern reality or truth. It is the perfection of the last one -- Prajna -- that ferries sentient beings across the ocean of Samsara (the sea of incarnate life) to the shores of Nirvana. Listen Prajna Paramita Mantra By Ani Tsering Wangmo

Prajnaparamita Sutra
"Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone utterly beyond, Enlightenment hail!"

Prajnaparamita (perfection of Wisdom)
Prajnaparamita Prajnaparamita, Lady of Immeasurable Wisdom, is the great emptiness out of which all form comes. As such She is known as the mother of all the Buddhas, because She embodies the essence of all the Buddhas’ sublime wisdom.

Heart Sutra is also Known as Prajnaparmita Sutra or Mantra, but People are often surprised to find that Prajnaparmita has her own Mantra

om namo bhagavatyai ārya prajñā pāramitā yai
Om homage to the blessed noble perfection of wisdom

By listening or reciting Heart Sutra with faith, one creates antidotes for the affliction of ignorance in one's mind and great wisdom arises. Through the power of this great wisdom, one fully realizes their highest potential -- complete and perfect enlightenment.

There are many mantras or Chants Posted in this Blog. Mostly meanings and chants are collected from Different blogs and websites. For this post I search many websites and Blogs. you may like to read some blogs releted with this sutra, so for further read i recommend to visit
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The Heart Sutra
Translated by Geshe Michael Roach (PDF File)
Video is edited and uploaded by myself, you can listen this mantra in Album "Immeasurable JOY" by Ani tsering Wangmo. There is another Chenrezig Mantra by Ani Tsering Wangmo. If you like this video also watch my other video in this blog.


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Different for me way to feel this sutra.
I like to recite and to listen to the sutras. The Heart Sutra I have registered reciting by Dalai Lama. I listen to him very and very often. Specially if I had hard times. It helps me to look from other point of view the situation.

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Liudmila, Thanks for share your feeling with This Sutra
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