Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dzi Bead Meaning Cards

In Tibet's mystery medicine books, Dzi Beads are described to heal illnesses, particularly blood-related diseases and will protect a person from ill-willed enemies and from their evil curses.
Dzi Beads has been around for 2000 to 2500 years. Ancient and pure dzi beads of Tibet are extremely precious and rare. Mostly Beads selling in markets are New Beads Compare to the ANCIENT TIBETAN.

Click Meanings of Dzi Beads to read my previous post. You may also enjoy this post to know short meanings of Dzi Beads design. Other Readers Who know meaning or have read before might be enjoy this post again because i have made Dzibeads meaning Cards to describe each design with Picture of Very fine Dzi beads . Which you can direct save in your computer. I try to make all design meaning Card (Still i am working on it.) So lets See Some Cards which is finished .

Inlarge Size of picture by Click on it. Thanks

Once again we see many people started to wear Dzi beads. Many visitors came this Blog through searching keywords Dzi Beads and the Meanings of different design on dzi beads. If you Planing to own a Real dzi beads, I recommend you to read this post BEFORE BUYING DZI BEADS(ดี ซี ไอ) หินทิเบต. If you planing to buy Just simple Dzi beads that you can afford That's ok .But If you like to be a serious Dzi Collector Then You Must read simple Tips about HOW TO KNOW REAL OLD DZI BEADS.

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Anonymous said...

i will be visiting bangkok next month and i plan to go to your store. i will be staying in the pratunam area. how far is it if i take a taxi? around how much are the dzi beads?

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend
Thank you very much. I am Glad to know Your Visit to Bangkok. You are most welcome in my Gallery.
It very near by Pratunam area ,i recommend you to take Taxi from infront of "BIG C" Super market(near the pratunam). I am in Silom Complex, connected with BTS Sky Train "SALA DANG Staion".
Hope to see you in my store. Mobile +668-7-0426994 or (while in Bkk 087-0426994)
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

I love Dzi bead. How to know if that bead is original or imitation. Care to share that.
Thank you.
See you around.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi can tell me how to know the real old dzi beads
my email.

Bharat said...

Hi Friends,
Thanks for your Question,
There are several post in this blog about Dzi beads. I recommend to read them, i hope these post will help you to get some idea about Dzi Beads.



NOTE For collector and worship

Dzi Bead Meanings

Thanks again for visit this Blog

Unknown said...

How can I buy arts in your Gallery from you?
my email

Bharat said...

Hi Vicent,
Thanks for your comments and question.

Our Gallery is in Bangkok, Thailand. More Detail Please See my Profile at

Right now Online Order is not available.
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting down this blog so that people all over the world can see and read about Dzi. (I love them.)

This page needs more pictures! Could we visitors to the site provide you with our own photos to share? There are so many designs and types that dzi come in, and I feel that everybody should see them.

May the gods bless you. Please put a place on the site to submit dzi photos!

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