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Buddha Image for 7 days

We have read many posts about Buddhist meaning in Nepal and Tibet. I always wonder to know the meaning about Buddha images for each day. If you visit in Thai temple you may notice the 8 Buddha statues with different gesture, they are the Buddha images for the Seven Days of the Week (wednesday have two Buddha image). You may want to know the meaning of 7 days Buddha. Buddha gestures represent certain events in the Buddha’s life. These events are thought to have occurred on certain days. The Buddha Image gestures representing these events also associated with the days on which they occurred. People, who born on a certain day of the week, may be most interested in a Buddha Image related to that day, like when commissioning a Buddha image. If you want to know which day you were born, simply click here Calendar Conversion.
Buddha Image for Sunday:
In Pensive thought, the enlightened Buddha stands with hands crossed over his abdomen (right hand over the left). The Buddha contemplates his achievement of complete knowledge under the Bodhi tree.
After enlightenment, the Buddha stood still for seven days under the Bodhi Tree to contemplate the suffering of all living things. He was tempted to enter Nirvana at once (By Mara), but he wants others to know the true doctrine, and resolves to communicate his doctrine to others.
Red is color for Sunday. People who born Sunday’s character: respectable, carefree, wise, and beloved by both friends and relatives

Buddha Image for Monday:
Preventing Calamities (This gesture is Similar as the Image for 'Stopping the relatives from fighting').
The city of Vesali was under attack by three evils: poverty, cholera and devils. Devils were roaming the city feasting on dead bodies and even people. The King of Vesali was advised to ask for the help of the Buddha.
Accepting the invitation, the Buddha with company, arrived at Vesali. With his transcendental powers, he caused heavy rain to pour down, so heavy that it cleaned the city of all dead bodies and pollution.
Later on, Ananda, his disciple went around the city, reciting portions of the Tripitika, and sprinkling holy water around the city. Suffering humans were healed, while all devils were frightened and ran away from the city.
Yellow is color for Monday. People who born Monday’s character: Good memory, serious, love to travel

(The Buddha stops the relatives from fighting or pacifying his relatives. When the Buddha came back from Heaven, he found that his relatives were quarreling about the right to use water from a river for their rice fields. The Buddha encouraged them to compromise and said that human life is much more valuable than water and it was not worth killing men for water. Then, his relatives stopped fighting.)

Buddha Image for Tuesday :
Reclining Buddha
Left arm along the body, right arm serves as a pillow with the hand supporting the head.
The reclining Buddha represents the passage to Nirvana or a resting Buddha. The gesture represents complete peace and detachment from the world. It was believed that the Buddha entered Nirvana on this day of the week.
Pink is color for Tuesday. People who born Tuesday’s character: brave, active, broad and serious mind
Buddha Image for Wednesday Morning :
Holding an alms bowl
The Buddha is standing with both hands around an alms bowl.
This symbolizes Buddha visited his family after four years in the monastery.
In the morning the Buddha went out to receive alms in the city. His father was not content when he saw the Buddha “begged” for food holding an alms bowl. Buddha explained to his father that performing pindabat, or holding an alms bowl are the lineage of Buddha. Thus, the disciples can offer their food. The virtue of giving among Buddhists is strong until today.
Green is color for Wednesday morning. People who born Wednesday’s Character: ambitious, gregarious, fun loving
Buddha Image for Wednesday Evening:
Retreat in the Forest
Buddha spent the rain retreat on his own in the Palilayaka forest because he was tired of the monks of Kosambi who had split into two groups and were not in harmony. While in the forest, the elephant Palilayaka attended to him and monkey offered him a bee hive.
Light Green is color for Wednesday evening. People who born Wednesday evening’s Character: diligent, honest, hardworking

Buddha Image for Thursday:
The Buddha is sitting in the meditation gesture. This is the perfect mental discipline. The gesture is the ultimate balance of tranquility and thoughts. It is believed that the body in the position is receptive to power or energy to enter the body from the top of the head and the opening palms.
Orange is color for Thursday. People who born Thursday’s character: honest, good heart, graceful, tranquil

Buddha Image for Friday:
In contemplation (Deeply Thinking)
Hands are crossed across the chest, right hand in front of the left.
The Buddha wonders how he can explain the cause of all suffering to others. The gesture represents a complete spiritual transformation.
Blue is color for Friday. People who born on Friday’s Character: ambitious, gregarious, fun loving

Buddha Image for Saturday:
Sitting in meditation, protected by Mucalinda's cobra hood. (Mucalinda is King of the Naga)
The Buddha is in meditation and protected from a storm by Maculinda (The King of the Naga). The image is related to the moment when a naga spreaded its hood to protect the Buddha from a rainstorm while he was in profound meditation.
Purple is color for Saturday. People who born Saturday’s Character: logical, tranquil, reclusive

Finally, there is an image often which is not specific to any day of the week, "Victory over Mara". The Buddha image is seated in meditation with the fingers of the right hand touching the earth. Buddha is confirming to all creation his imperturbability when besieged by temptation, fear, delusion and desire.
Source: Thai Buddha Image
5 Meditaion Buddha Hand Gestures(mudra) Meanings


Basanta said...

Great! Soothing and informative as always!

Is this in Thai Buddhism only or other sects too have such interpretations?

Anonymous said...

Hi Basanta Thanks,
Buddha for Each days is related to Buddha's life, So i don't thinks it's only in Thailand Buddhism.
It is so popular in Thailand and we can see in every Thai temple so looks like it's only in Thai Buddhism.
How about where you live?

Basanta said...

I don't know much but Japanese Buddhism seems different from what we have in Nepal and Tibet.

Anonymous said...

That's intresting, Every Buddhist country have Different way to worship.

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

Thanks for sharing !! Though for the first time I have seen the different Buddha images for the whole week . It's uncommon in India . A few years back an artist H.Koppdelany has uploaded the beautiful Buddhist calendar in Flickr :

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