Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wooden Carved Arts

We have learned and see many Nepalese and Tibetan Arts such as metal statues, Thanka paintings, Pashmina shawls and more in this blog. Today i will show you some Wooden Carved Art.

Wood carving is another art that traces Nepalese culture. These wood carving art can be seen in the form of many Hindu and Buddhist gods, goddess and Buddha statues, many different type of windows and religious symbols etc. from its early beginnings right up to modern times. Highly skilled and capable wood carver in Nepal today continue to use techniques and tools unchanged over the centuries. If you have been in Nepal you will find most of the wood carving that have survived throughout Nepal around temples and other heritage sites are from the thirteenth to eighteenth century Malla period.

Wood ThankaSo We have brought Some Wood Carvings Statues, Auspicious Symbols and Some wooden prayer table. Visit our gallery to See this beautiful wood carvings. we also sell this wood carvings in very special prices that you won’t believe.
Below are just only few wood carving from our Collection. click the pictures to see its detail.

Buddhist Auspicious sign Parsol or Umbrella Buddhist Auspicious Sign Conch Buddhist Auspicious Sign Victory banner Buddhist Auspicious Sign Double Fish Buddhist Auspicious Sign Wheel Buddhist Auspicious Sign Endless knot Buddhist Auspicious Sign Lotus Flower Buddhist Auspicious Sign Kalasha or Vase Buddhist 8 Auspicious signs


उजेली said...

wonderful art !!!

Tibet Arts said...

Yes They are.
Thanks उजेली

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