Monday, September 8, 2008

Wonderful Ganesh thanka

GANESH THANKAGanapati worship lokeshwor as form of Stupa, the central figure in this superb painting, is associated with good fortune, auspicious beginnings, and the successful overcoming of obstacles. "Ganapati" is the Buddhist name for the Hindu elephant head-god ( read: WHY GANESHA HAS ELEPHANT HEAD ), Ganesha, the god of wisdom is also known as "sidhi data" or bestower of success in work. He is worshipped as the lord of wisdom and success, beginnings and as the lord of defender and remover of obstacles, and patron of arts. This is a master piece newari thanka by master artist Bal Krishna. See below i have tried to post some better detail image of this thanka.
In this Thanka Ganesh worship Stupa with Pancha Buddha, Lokeshwor appear above stupa holding full blown lotus in left hand while right hand exhibits the abhaya mudra (gesture). Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi and Green Tara also appears at Top of the thangka. Amoghasiddhi Sitting in meditation position above clouds, his left hand on the lap and the right exhibits the abhaya mudra. he is green in color.
On the Top right of thanka Green tara siting on Branch of tree. Green tara reaches out her hand in the gesture of granting protection, freeing one from fear, obstacles, and difficulties. With her right foot stepping forward, she is alert, determined, and ready to actively help all who call upon her. Green Tara is known as the 'Swift One' or the 'Swift Liberator' due to her immediate response to those who request her aid. Green Tara's compassion for the welfare of all living beings is said to be even stronger than a mother's love for her children, also holding half blown water-lily with long petals.

GaneshaThe four-armed Ganesh sitting on top of a lotus platform in front of stupa. His primary hands exhibit Namskar mudra gesture of worship. 2nd right hand offering flowers at stupa and 2nd left hand holding axe and offering lotus flower by his trunk. He is jeweled with crown. He also wears a scarf, arranged in lappets on his shoulders; and a beautifully patterned skirt (Dhoti), secured below his ponderous belly, covers his thighs.(see left image. View larger image by click)
This wonderful Newari Thanka is painted by the experienced master artist Bal krishna, of Nepal who have been in this business for generations. Click image for view detail. This thanka is one of our best thanka among our collection.

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