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The Tara Great Stupa

I’m really pleased to inform you about a Nobel issue of establishment of First Vajrayana Buddhist Stupa of Thailand "The Shanti Tara Maha Stupa for Peace and Harmony" at the Tara Khadiravana of the Auspicious Aeon, Hua Hin - Pala-u Road, Nongplub, Hua Hin District, Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand.

Its an recently proposed plan and seeking for help and co-ordination to all the people, organizations and foundations to join hands together with the foundation handling the auspicious destination to the world. More Info http://www.taragreatstupa.org/

Objectives of construction Shanti Tara Maha Stupa

1. To honor His majesty the King's 80th anniversary as the world greatest Buddhist dharmaraja.
2. To house a number of images of Buddhas and Bodhisatwas who are in aspects of Dharma Body, Enjoyment Body and Emanation Body of the Buddha.
3. To bring about peace and happiness in Thailand and the world.
4. To contribute to the continued flourishing of Buddhism.

Details about the Stupa
The stupa will be based on a 30-meter wide base, and will be around 60 meters in total height. Its outstanding feature is that it contains a temple housing four images of Buddha in Sambhogakaya forms, as well as three shrines which will include 13 other images of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dharmapalas and Dakinis. These will be lined along the cardinal points. At the base of the Stupa will be a temple of five Buddha families and will be accessible to people who can walk into it. There will be a staircase from the base to the main temple to pay homage to the Buddha figures. Inside the Stupa will be filled with relics, scriptures, clay stupas and other auspicious objects.

For the noble and peace cause of the world here I start with the beautiful Prayer that Thousand Star Foundation has come up with.

"An Aspiration Prayer and An Enumeration of Merit in Building
The Shanti Tara Maha Stupa"

To teachers, gods
who belong to the lineage of teaching from the three kayas of the Buddha,
Enlightened Ones, both peaceful and wrathful deities,
in the outer, inner and secret aspects,
Dharma protectors who vow to guard
the Sutras, Termas and the Four Activities without fail,
I prostrate and pay homage
Through worshipping the Stupa until I attain Buddhahood.
At this time, in order for the wandering sentient beings in the six realms to have the opportunity to collect vast merit, an intention has been made to construct a great stupa in the form of "Yungtrung Gelek Chorten," a stupa which is beautifully and miraculously constructed. The stupa has the following characteristics.
The Stupa, as the Dharma Body,
Representing the Buddha's mind,
The Scripture, as the Enjoyment Body,
Representing the Buddha's speech,
The Buddha image, as the Emanation Body,
Representing the Buddha's body,
Images of lamas, yidams, dakinis,
Representing the mantras,
Images of the Four Tathagatas,
Representing the one thousand Buddhas,
Image of the Tempa Namda, Tsewang Rinzin, Guru Padmasambhava,
Representing the great gratitude to the Dharma and all sentient beings,
Image of Kuntrol Drakpa,
Representing the propagation of Dharma to vast expanse,
Images of Palden Lhamo, Shinje who makes the vow,
Representing the protectors of all teachings,
The Stupa is a peaceful deity amidst vastness of space,
Illuminating figure in the air,
Through the power of the Buddhas
May all evil be dispelled!
May the wrathful deities defeat those who are difficult to defeat without ceasing!
May the Yaksinis change their minds and come back to wholesome action!
May the unwholesome deeds of countless Maras be transformed!
May evil in the world disappear!
May peace happen in the world no matter where it is!
May there be a seeing that all phenomena and all things are but vast nature of Emptiness!
May the Dharma stay permanent and pervade everywhere in the universe!
May the Three Paths flourish without fail!
May the two kinds of merit be of benefit to self and others!

Written by His Eminence Kuntrol Lhasras Tsokkyi Rinpoche for the benefit of the Dharma and all sentient beings during the activities leading to the construction of the Shanti Tara Maha Stupa at the Tara Khadiravana of Auspicious Aeon, the retreat center of the Thousand Stars Foundation

Importance of the Stupa

According to Buddhism, to be born as a human being is a very rare event. Life is short, a normal life duration of a person being no more than 120 years. Constantly practicing the Dharma and performing good activities thus mean that we do not waste this rare opportunity. All the wholesome action that we perform with good intention will result in good life and happiness not only in this life, but also many future lives.
The Buddha has shown various benefits of building a stupa. These include happiness, prosperity, and joy. The stupa will be a symbol of faith. Seeing and worshipping the stupa and thus becoming faithful in the Triple Gems, the minds of the faithful will enter the stream of Dharma.

Moreover, the stupa also symbolizes the strength of Buddhism and the five elements and their relationship to enlightened mind. These are the essential attributes of a fully realised human being. This can be seen in the creation of Pra Pathom Chedi, the Great Stupa in Nakorn Pathom more than a thousand years ago, which still stands today. In the future, those who have the opportunity to see Pra Pathom Chedi and worship there will be proud in the fact that Buddhism has blessed Thailand for a long time. Hence, the stupa will create blessings and auspiciousness in the land where it is built. This is so because the stupa is a representation of the Buddha. The land where a stupa is built thus becomes a Buddha field presided by a Buddha. Everything within the Buddha field will be fully blessed by the Buddha and filled with love and compassion.

In today's world, which is full of conflicts, wars and natural disasters, many are still intent on praying and giving out loving-kindness and compassion incessantly. Tibetans put up colorful prayer flags so that the wind will carry the mantras and the blessings of the Buddha to every corner of the world. Thus the mantras and the blessings will thus pervade everything in the universe, creating love, compassion and peace everywhere. We can see that the mere act of putting up small prayer flags can carry this much benefit, so it is no wonder how much more benefit would be incurred through building a stupa. Also visit STUPA Symbol of enlightened mind

Being aware of the importance of building a stupa, which will bring peace and harmony to the land as well as the liberation from suffering of countless sentience beings, the Thousand Stars Foundation has thus resolved to build the Tara Great Stupa of Peace and Harmony, which will full with finest Buddhist arts derived from the wisdom of the Tibetan culture. The stupa will be located at the Tara Khadiravana of the Auspicious Aeon in Hua Hin, Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand.

Immense Benefit of building a Great Stupa

Building a stupa is a way to emanate loving-kindness and compassion. It is a way to protect sentience beings so that they are free from sufferings, diseases, and harm. The stupa will create auspiciousness and prosperity to the land it belongs and its people. This will result in people being united with one another and becoming faithful in their practices of the Dharma, qualities which are necessary for their eventual release from the grip of suffering. Thus building a stupa not only carried immense benefit in this life, but also in countless future lives. The benefit in contributing to building a stupa thus will play a highly significant role in the individual's attainment of Buddhahood for the good of all sentient beings in the future.

Thailand: The Diamond of Buddhist Teaching

"The blessings of the Buddha are like a ring, and the faithful mind is like a hook. Thailand is really a land blessed by the Buddhas. If the mind is full with faith in Buddhism, all action and all intention for the sake of all sentient beings will be successful." -- Kuntrol Drakpa Mangyal Lhasras Rinpoche

Concerning the Name "Shanti Tara Maha Stupa"

"The world today is burning with fire of anger and hatred. This brings about wars, terrorism, and exploitation both in economic and social terms. For sentient beings swimming in the ocean of suffering, what other power could help them better than to dedicate the happiness to them as well as taking in their sufferings with compassion. This is the Dharma of the Bodhisattva Tara, who is the mother of Buddhahood. This teaching will heal the world and take ig back from disaster." -- Lodi Gyari Rinpoche

If you like to Make Donation for the construction of the Tara Great Stupa can be made to the Thousand Stars Foundation. Please contact Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom, Founder and President of the Foundation, at hkesang@yahoo.com, or call her at +66(0) 8 1343 1586.

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