Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

Finally tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Everybody talking about this special day. If we look any Blog and websites every where they have lot’s of Information about Valentine’s day and talking about Gift. Several Gift idea I have post in Valentine's day Gift With Sony , Surprise your valentine , and more. So I think why don't i share Some Info about valentine's day in this Blog.

Today I am sharing some Information about different colors gift meaning in valentine’s day . hope this will Help you, while you are chosing Gift for your beloved one.

Red. Your love is fiercely passionate.Red is the strongest color, and lovers can use it to boldly announce the depth of their feelings. Really, there's no mistaking the meaning behind a gift of red roses or red lingerie.

Pink. Your love for your Valentine is tender.Pink is a softer, sweeter form of red. Like red, it connotes love, but it's the most romantic kind of love. Give a pink gift to a love you've known for a long time, or a new love you'd like to get to know better.

White. Your love isn't romantic, but it's still worth celebrating.White is a simple color and it can symbolize the uncomplicated love you feel for a close friend or relative. Choose a white gift to show someone you're thinking of them this Valentine's Day.

Black. You have no love in your black little heart. Black-Hearted GiftsBlack symbolizes the absence of love in your soul. There are no gifts that would express the way you feel about the people in your life. Or then again, maybe there are--right on this page. If you decide there's room for love in your heart after all.

Unusual. Your sweetheart is one in a million, and so is the love you share.You and your sweetheart have a groovy kind of love that's anything but ordinary. Express that love with a gift that only your sweetheart could appreciate.

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basanta said...

Thank you for the information on these colors.

Tibet Arts said...

Hi Basanta

Thanks For You Comments Hope You like my post.

Thanks for Visit In to My Blog world.

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