Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hello Friends ,Today We am Going to Invite you For Tibetan Thankas And Artifacts Exhibition at MBK,Ground fl. In front Of KFC. Arts Gallery is holding the "TIBETAN THANKA" fair featuring a display of more than 150 collections of the famous Tibetan and Newari Thanka Paintings, Statues, Ritual Objects, Silver rings , pendents etc. Exhibition Start From Today 17 Nov till 26 Nov.(About 10 days)

In Exhibition mostely Thanka Paintings, are Mandala, Wheel of life ,Buddha life story, many Ganesha Thanka (newari puwva) ,Avalokiteshwor With 1000 Arms ,And Many More. All an exhibition detailing the background, legends and how to properly pay respect to these Thanka. You can see How Tibetan people worship Thanka and Etc.
Exhibition held in front of KFC Ground fl. at MBK Shopping Mall . So yesterday we went to setup a exhibition Spot. So i took some Pictures Of Exhibition. I would Like To take Picture all of Them But Time Went So fast When We setup our exhibhition spot It was already 2 a.m in The Morning. So i Took only few picture , I will try to Take Another Picture while I Will be there again. If you are a fan of "TIBETAN AND NEPALESE ARTS " You Must Visit This Exhibition . So Hurry Up!! Because It's Only For 10 Days .

Venue :MBK Ground fl.(Infront of KFC) Date : 17-25, Nov 2007 .

Pictures Updated at MBK EXHIBITION THANKA Soon , With in 1 hour .Sorry for your inconvieance .Plz come back Again Or Just Visit MBK.


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