Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Good News !!! MBK TIBETAN THANKA (THANGKA ) EXHIBITION is Extend for 29 Nov. Plz Click Image To See detail Of Thanka.
Red Ganpati
Dancing Twelve Arms Ganesha (Tib: Ganapati):This is an Excellent art work from Newari Thanka. (Please Read : Types of Thangka Paintings ) Newari art has the huge influence, evident in style over Tibetan painting.

Detail Of twelve arms Ganesha Thanka . In the upper left corner the yogic adept (Mahasiddha) Virupa is offered a skull cup beverage by a green-complexioned goddess and in the upper right corner a form of Mahakala appers.

Another form of Mahakala, Six Arms Mahakala Also known As vighantaka. This Thanka Painting is painted, using natural herbs colour.

Green Tara :This is very simple Green Tara Thanka.

Ratnasambhava is a Dhayani (meditation) Buddha. This is a Newari Arts Thanka. if you like this style thanka we also have another Dhyani Buddha Vairochana Thanka This thanka is framed, so Pictures is not so detail .but still you can Click image to inlarge .
Oh! This a Silver Garuda for Wall hanging. It's not a Thanka But workmanship is very well done and hand carved

Vajrakilaya Thanka

Another twelve Arms Dancing Ganesha

Thousand arms Avalokiteshwor. Herbs Colour Thanka Framed. (Thanka can be sold without Frame )

several Thanka For display.


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some nice images

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The Thangka paintings are not only used in decoration but also used to create a beauty.

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