Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery

GODDESSES OF CELESTIAL GALLERYHi Friends Today i am Sharing my first experience of online purchase of two books "Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery ". I bought 1 for myself and 1 for my friend.
It's Quite Huge Book about 2 feet tall . I Bought it on the web Amazone.com . this is my first time using E-service. I use master card. It's done without any problem with a big discount 37 % in a regular price .
Book Description
In the tradition of Celestial Gallery, this unique collection of striking Tibetan-style Mandala paintings(Thangka) of the Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery are presented together for the first time, in this distinctive format.

Also see Celestial Gallery In bookself Size .
GODDESSES OF CELESTIAL GALLERY Each work is hand-bound and stands two feet tall, reproduced from the master painter Romio Shrestha and his team of artisan monks, who render postmodern interpretations of an age-old Tibetan artistic tradition. Made from stone malachite, lapis and marigolds and painted at times with just three hairs of a cat’s tail, these paintings are produced in hauntingly powerful detail.

Goddesses depicted include: “the goddesses of the arts” Saraswati; “the Divine Mother” White Tara a protector and preserver; “the Protectress"Green Tara : “the Dark Goddesses” Palden Lhamo, guardian of the lineage of the Dalai Lamas; and Kali, a wild and uncontrollable consort of Shiva, a devotee of time and keeper of the shadows within ourselves.
This Is how my Book arrived
It's Come In Big two Plastic bag like this. at first I thought may be there is some other extra gift from Amazone.com . Carefully open it .
Oh !! there are lots of sealed air bags to protect my book .
This is my book first book Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery

This is second book Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery . It's come in two different package reason for quicker service. the other items shipped separately at no additional shipping cost . it's great idea but anyway i received both at same time . i highly recommend you Amazone.com. If you like to buy any books or any thing first look at Amazone.com . you will get great discount.

some books recommend for you

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ANd how about reading your purchased book now? :D Hope u enjoy it and got knowledge

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