Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have Joined Blogsvertise ! How about You ?

Hi Friends,
It's Been While I have Heard About Blogsvertise . I am Intrested When my Friend "Forumer" Explain me about Blogsvertise's Benefit. It's Kind A Website That help for your
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Harry Potter said...

Hehe, nice to hear that u was joined and just wait my fren, you'll be having task from them ;) And just want to give u clue here. I suggest you always login to your account, and monitor at your blog section, there maybe Grab Bag task for you to accept.

This grab bag appears only for a while, and it maybe dissappear if u don't accept it. It's a task that was not done or rejected by others and we can accept it as our task, i hope u can understand. All the best my fren :)

Forumer said...

Howdy fren? So how many task u get so far from them? Hope you will get something really good from them :)

Forumer said...

OMG, stil not get anything? Actually, your blog been approved yet or not my fren? If it been approved then maybe soon there are tasks for you :) Juts be patient k ;)

Anonymous said...

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NEPAL SHOP said...

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