Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dragon Mark Dzi Beads , Natural streaks

Dragon Mark on two eye Dzi Beads (Click to Inlarge Picture)
Dragon Marks Dzi Bead: Sometime we see some unusual streaks in Dzi Beads.In Tibet It's Known As a Dragon marks dzi beads, Rather than being a particular symbol on a Dzi bead, are a certain type of markings found on some Dzi beads. Some of the agate or chalcedony that the Dzi bead is carved from is comprised of layers of agate. During making design on a stone, certain agate or chalcedony will not accept the etching material that the symbols on Dzi beads are derived from. The areas that refuse the etching are left having no bead design. These are known as dragon marks when they occur.The agate that refuses the color will almost always be a light gray/white in color.
Dragon mark on Nine eye Dzi beads (Click Picture to see large size)
Dragon marks are said to occur when the dragon was digging for Dzi beads and accidentally clawed into a bead or two. Any Dzi bead marked by a dragon is said to have caught the eye of the dragon and was then dropped or discarded by the dragon because it was imperfect. Dragons hoard their riches, but always insist that the items of wealth it hoards are as perfect as possible. Being clawed by the dragon the bead is said to carry some of the energy of the dragon. Although the Crystal and natural streaks will affect the grade and price of Dzi bead, but its a rarity among new dzi.
A Dzi bead marked by a dragon is not the same as a "Dragon Dzi Bead" and does not allow the owner of the bead to be master to a dragon. Only a "Dragon Dzi Bead" itself can master a dragon.

Dragon Mark On Two Mini Dzi Bead
Dragon + Weathering marks on four Eyed dzi beads
Natural Streaks On White agate Bead
Dragon Mark On 6 eyed Dzi Bead

There are several post in this blog about Dzi beads. I recommend to read them, i hope these post will help you to get some idea about Dzi Beads.
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Hi..I've a dzi bead for the past 2 years. I wear it on my neck. The first 12 hours I wore it, my body felt very warm and my throat was very dry. Somehow, it was having an effect on me then so I've continue to wear it. It's a small dzi with 2 white stipes on top of the bead. Cute and nice.

Thanks for sharing your blog. A cool one. Will drop by occasionally.



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