Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I love books and I collect many books Related about Nepal and Tibet. Most of Them are Buddhist arts books. You know I must have these books for study and to get more knowladge about Buddhist arts in the past. As you know i am also in a Handicraft business . so most of my times i spend on in Front of my coumputer and These book.

Just Recentally i become member of AMAZON.COM. This site sell every thing but mostly people know it about buying books and music. here i recommend some Books with the great Discount Price. In Amazon you will always get good price deal (This is i belive, but you Can check some other web too.) Some books i have bought very expensive in local bookstore. From now i will buy only from Amazone. :-)


More Coming soon..
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Forumer said...

You're so smart!! well done again my fren. Now your business is expanding with selling books, and there are more you can do with your blog, but step by step my fren, no need to rush hehe

Best regards

DZI BEADS said...

Thanks My Friends
these books are i recommend to read :). many people ask me about where to buy? cause it's hard to buy Tibetan titles in Bkk.

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