Monday, February 12, 2007


Welcome to Tibet arts blogs ! we have been always trying to give Information about Tibetan and Nepalese arts and Handicrafts through this blog. Here are Some Price Information About Dzi Beads. Actually we don't like to show Price On Blog (Because This Blog I want To keep only for giving Information on Tibetan And Nepalese Arts. We hope all readers get benefit from this blog information on Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism ) But many Friends have asking for Price of the Dzi Beads.
So in this post, i choose some dzi beads that most of readers wants to know the price, which they have seen pictures in this blog. DZI BEADS With SALE PRICE , ONLY AT OUR STORE. If you have see some stuff in this blog and want to know the price for the item. Please email us or leave a comments in that post. There is a post in this blog where you can Read Meaning of Dzi Beads
Thank you.

5 eyed pure dzi beads with weathering mark 12500 bhat About US$350. SOLD!!

dragon eye price 5500 bhat and SALE PRICE 4000 bhat.

Very rare bead I personally love this bead but it's SOLD !!! .

9 eyed dzi beads 5000 bhat

Red dzi beads ,VAJRA design 3500 bhat

5 eyed dzi bead 1500bhat

12 Eyed dzi beads 4500 bhat. if you like to see Other 12 eye Dzi beads and Meaning visit หินทิเบต(ดี ซี ไอ) TIBET DZI BEADS 12 eye

stripe dzi beads (phumtek dzi) 4800 bhat

5 eyed dzi beads 1200 bhat

wave dzi beads mini 500 bhat.

If you are interested in Mahayana Buddhism and arts visit our Dharma Shop (SILOM COMPLEX ,3 RD fl.(081-8271481). Special Discount on all Tibetan and Nepalese Handicraft Dharma items for practitioner, to see more dzi beads and information on Tibetan Arts. Tell us what do you feel about my Blog plz give comments to Improve my blogging. Hope you have Enjoyed your stay...

Mantra Mandala Orange Color

Vegetable color Thanka

Some unique Thanka Paintings
Ganesha Thanka Ganesha Thanka the story about Creation of Kathmandu Valley
Also Visit to read Dzi Beads Meaning Cards

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forumer said...

Oooo, so the price is here. But i don;t know what is the value in Ringgit Malaysia.

I hope you can translate the value, at least to USD ;)

forumer said...

One question, is the pattern on Dzi bead is natural or human made??

Thanx ;)

dzibeads said...

Oho Sorry Forumer ,i didnot see this Comments. I will soon Try to Post New Price List.

Pattern is On the Dzi beads Are Man done But In old days In Tibets They Have some Special Tecnic To write On Stone. so Alll the pattern are man Made.
but In old days Tibetan People Belive These Beads Are from Heaven. So it's also called Heavens Beads

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