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BEFORE BUYING DZI BEADS(ดี ซี ไอ) หินทิเบต

How to Make Purchasing Decision
The authentic pure dzi is not something cheap. The price is based on many factors discussed in previous post and can be ranging from few hundred to thousands, or even millions. The high value of dzi has attracted many imitations enter the market. It is so easy to find various imitation products than the real one. Here are advices you can follow to reduce the risk of getting cheated by dishonest traders.

1. Do not simply purchase dzi bead from wet market, low end trading market, kiosk in the mall, company without addresses or someone you are not familiar with. These people might claims that they are selling authentic dzi bead at attractive prices. You might not able to find them later.
2. Purchase the dzi from establish company, someone you can trust or with good knowledge in this field. It will be ideal to bring along an expert if you plan to spend a lot on dzi bead. Bring along the necessary equipments such as 10x or 30x loupe.
3. Improve your knowledge on dzi bead before making the purchase. There are many books or articles on internet that can help you understand more about dzi bead, Tibetan culture and Buddhism. Equip with such powerful knowledge will reduce the risk of making wrong decision.
4. Balance your budget for the dzi that you want to purchase. If you plan or able to spend just a little on dzi bead, starts with the cheaper one. When you feel that dzi is really good for you or your family, then upgrade to better one.
5. Do not influence by the sales person. You should have a clear state of mind. Do not be influenced by the sales person to make you purchase something out of your budget, imitation product or the dzi that not suitable for you.

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If you are serious about dzi and would like to know more, here are some good books that should not be missed!
1. Bubin, Lois Sherr (1986) The History of Beads
2. Tung-Kuang, Lin (2001) Tibetan Gzi Bead
3. Hung-Shih, Chang (2003) The Bewitching Bijou of Tibet An Illustrative Study of Dzi Bead
4. K.Liu, Robert (1995) A Universal Aesthetic Collectible Beads
5. Nebesky-wajkowitz, R (1952) Prehistoric beads from Tibet


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