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Ancient and pure dzi beads of Tibet are extremely precious and rare. No matter how many or how few eyes beads bear, all Dzi beads possess the mystic power of bringing luck, warding off evil, stabilizing blood pressure, guarding against apoplexy and enhancing body strength. Owners and wearers of these beads are blessed with unexpected credit, luck and perfection. Dzi beads are unique and collectibles. There are some TIPS found online about how to know Real dzi beads. so
To find out if the Dzi beads is real old or not, just notice some points on Dzi beads. Hold the Dzi beads in your hand and try to notice Some marks on Dzi Skin.
1.Weathering Marks
Weathering marks are signs of aging. They best represent the age of a Dzi.If we examine a Dzi under magnifying glass, we will discover tiny lines of different thickness running irregularly and spontaneously on its surface.
These are weathering marks.They resemble either fish scales or phoenix claws.

2. Sheen:- Age and natural weathering might result in a slightly rugged patina that confuses the reflective light.We can see with our naked eye that there seems to be a layer of oil on the surface of the Dzi.We can call this "oily sheen".Some particularly bright oily sheen can be called "waxy sheen".

3. Cinnabar Dots "Cinnabar Dots" are in fact red speckles that grow from within the body of the Dzi Beads to its surface (see picture Below and left). Not every Dzi has cinnabar dots, and dzi with such cinnabar dots are not necessarily good qulity Dzi Beads.This is the often used as a criterion to identify old Dzi beads.


4. Crystal and Natural streaks (dragon mark )
The Simple way to find if the Dzi is real or not is Crystal and Natural streakson dzi bead's surface, although these marks (Dragon marks Dzi beads) will affect the grade and price of Dzi bead, but its a rarity among new Dzi Beads.
Natural Crystal

Dig marks for medicinal use 5. Dig marks for medicinal use Dzi bead is a precious medicinal ingredient in Tibet. If you have seen beads with digging mark, it's simply mean that the bead has been dig for medicinal use, bead chipped off in the corner for medicinal use.
Usually, the new dzi bead are perfect in condition, they never spend time to do this. If dig marks are not doing well, the result is break.

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