Saturday, December 23, 2006

Feel An Tibetan DZI's "ENERGY""Qi" with few very simple steps..

There are many different ways to Feel Your "Dzi energy" (you can only feel it in real Tibetan dzi & not the fake one), however, there is a very simple way to do so without any equipment. Here is the few steps to follow:
· Firstly, breathe in deeply and exhale slowly for 3 -5 times. Relax your whole body slowly...
· Place your dzi bead on your palm (can be on the left palm or right palm).
· Put your other palm on top of your Dzi (you cannot touch the dzi, allow space of about 2-3cm distance in between your palms).
· Slowly close your eyes. Relax and do not think of any other thing, no other thoughts in your mind but relax!
· Start concentrating on your palm above your Dzi. Concentrate for a few minutes (It may take slightly long, this will all depend on How Sensitive You can Feel the "Qi"/ "Energy").
· After a few minutes of concentration or less, you will be able to start to have a feeling of a gentle warmth, then there is a feeling of a pressure slowly start moving around your palm and around the Dzi in clockwise or up and down.

This "Energy" or So Called "Qi" is transpired from the Dzi. Different Type of Dzi may have different level of "Energy". Some Dzi will have a stronger heat or pressure while others may be lesser "Energy". This is Fun to experience if you have an Authentic Dzi at Home. Only Authentic Dzi may have this Feeling of "Energy" or "Qi", the only difference is how strong it is... Non-Authentic Dzi will not have this feeling of "Qi" but Cold/Empty Feeling when you place it inside both your palm and do the same thing. You can Start Trying it now with any of your Dzi if you have one!

You can also use this method each time you want to do meditation and this Dzi's Energy or "Qi" can have Healing Purpose and make you feel calm if you are Stress or having Anxiety!


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