Wednesday, December 6, 2006

dzi beads

Here some beads info
Cinnabar or RED SPOT :Cinnabar spots on the Dzi Beads are the iron elements exist in the mineral, and they have exposed to the atmosphere for a long period, and they finally resulted in the 「Ferric Oxide」. They are developed inside out through the pores in the mineral. Some of them are light brown and some are dark red. Shown as the figures.
The small red spots as you can see on the Dzi Beads are the cinnabar spots, you can survey them by 10X or 20X magnifier, a few cinnabar spots on the Dzi Beads can be seen by naked eyes, but they are very rare. The cinnabar spots are natural, not artificial. The artificial cinnabar spots that made by someone can be verified by flaying the surface, and you can scratch off the cinnabar spots. So please notice that when you purchase the Dzi Beads, the cinnabar spots are developed from inside of them, not just cohered on the surface.
Contrasted to the normal Dzi Beads, the Dzi Beads with cinnabar spots are rare, and that's why they are so precious. A Dzi Beads with rich cinnabar spots distributed is very unique and rare, let alone a Dzi Beads with rich cinnabar spots and fine appearance and quality.


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